Sometimes, your business needs a different approach than the normal way of doing things.

The skating industry is one of those markets where a different approach is needed. At Times Two Technology, we saw a need that was going unfulfilled within the skating industry - a need for a reasonably priced, but feature rich web presence that met the needs of today's smaller and medium sized rink owners.

Many larger rinks may have gone with higher priced systems that includes a POS (point of sale) system, marketing, and a website that ties in to everything else in that system. For smaller rinks, these higher priced systems are usually not an option they can afford. Some of the simple functions these larger systems included were not available in cheaper or "home-built" systems that they can afford. 

Times Two Technology has taken information we gathered from numerous rink owners and have developed a package that we feel meets the web needs for these small to medium sized rinks. 

What's in the package?

Each package contains several different components that make up the full website build. Each piece is described below.

  • Site Structure
  • Site Design
  • Site Content
  • Training
  • Add-Ons

Site Structure

Each site is built using the Joomla Content Management System (CMS) which allows for easy maintenance of the site's content.

Each site is different, but have similar features. We include the following setup features within each site as part of our site build:

  • All required components and extensions installed, configured and ready to use.
  • Site navigation (menus) created to match the recommended content pages below.
  • Placeholder content included in each recommended page below.
  • Includes links to your social media presence via image links.

Site Design

Each package includes the following site design features:

  • A template-based design of your choosing from our package template.
  • Inclusion of your site logo or Rink Name, in lieu of a logo.
  • Style / color changes based on the included template styles.
  • Inclusion of photos provided / purchased by you during site build.

We offer the following additional design services:

  • Custom graphic design work for photos or artwork, i.e. modified photos, logo design, etc.
  • Custom template design modifications.
  • A full custom graphic design and template build to replace the included package template.
  • Photo search services - We search for the photos or graphics to include in your site for you.

Site Content

Each package site will include the following recommended pages *:

  • Home
  • Schedule
  • Parties and Groups
    • Birthday Parties
    • Birthday Party Registration Form
    • Groups
    • Group Registration Form
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Pro Shop (information only or link to your online pro shop)
  • What you can do at the rink
    • Birthday Party ( sends to birthday party page above)
    • Bring a group and skate ( sends to Groups page above)
    • Lessons
    • Pro Shop ( can link to skating vendors from this page if desired for items that you sell in the pro shop )
    • Food and concessions
    • Watch Sporting events ( can be replaced by other event or by what non-skating adults can do at the rink )
    • Featured DJ's
    • Special Events
  • Contact Us
    • Location & map
    • Contact Form

* Note: If you have pages that are not shown above that you would like in your site, get in touch with us and we can let you know if there will be any additional charge for these pages.

Final Content

Site owners are responsible for updating the content to the final content before the site is made live. Training will be provided to teach the site owner how to update content. For an extra fee, Times Two Technology can add the site content for you.  Contact us for a quote on entering your final content.


This package will include 3 hours of internet-based 1 to 1 training.
After training, Site Owners will be able to maintain existing content, add new content and
related menus, and modify sidebar / site modules.


Our package has an option to upgrade or add on to what comes with the base package.  The items listed below are an additional fee to add to your site.

  • Party Reservations: Party and Facility Booking System -
    Gives you the ability to allow for your customers to choose an exact time for their party and take one more aspect of party booking and make it easier.
  • Calendar system - replaces your static schedule page or adds a calendar view to your base system.
  • Photo Gallery - allows you to have a system-specific photo gallery or be able to link to off-site galleries a Picasa or Flickr to show your photos on your site.

Package Pricing

Base Pricing*


- or -

$125 / mo


* Price will vary based upon your needs and add-ons chosen. Pricing does not include on-going costs of hosting, support and maintenance. See our support and maintenance page for more information on our HSM packages. Monthly billing requires a 1-year commitment.

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