Company News

On Tuesday, March 10, 2015, Times Two Technology displayed in the vendor market for the multi-section meeting at the Roller Skating Association International (RSA) headquarters in Indianapolis, IN. Times Two joined over a dozen other vendors to supply member rinks and attendees with information about the products they were offering.

Member rinks from RSA Section 3 - Wisconsin, Section 4 - Missouri, Section 6 - Michigan, Section 7 - Illinois and Indiana, and Section 9 - Ohio attended the event to interact with their fellow rink owners and vendors while attending informational sessions throughout the day. Members were able to visit with vendors throughout the day in the vendor area as well as during lunch when vendors joined the attendees to enjoy a great lunch catered by a local barbecue joint.

Times Two Technology is a Roller Skating Manufacturer (RSM) member of the RSA and is proud to have sponsored this multi-section meeting for the sections in attendance.