Joomla is a great tool for developing and maintaining websites. As with any tool, if you do not know how to use it, the tool isn't worth to you. As a business owner, being able to maintain your own site content is key because YOU know your business the best.

Each person is different in how they learn and retain information. Some learn best by reading and doing. While others learn best by having someone show them and then repeating the process. In every case, being able to go back and review notes or review or replay a session is key to reinforce the learning. For many, being able to have a reference for future use is a key part of their learning process.

At Times Two Technology, we approach the learning differences in 2 ways: Training and Mentoring.

Take a look at each method and our costs in the tabs below.


  • Joomla Training
  • Mentoring
  • Training Costs

Joomla Training

To accommodate the different learning styles of our clients, Times Two Technology is working on different methods of delivery for training our clients. We are working on an expanding catalog of text-based and video-based tutorials that our clients can access via our customer portal. We also do One-to-One and group training classes for our clients as part of a website project or as separate request for training.

Text-based Tutorials

In our customer portal, we provide access to a set of tutorials that show the basics of working in the Joomla CMS. Our tutorials include text instructions as well as screenshots of key portions of the text tutorial. Clients can refer back to these tutorials when they need a refresher on a certain task in the Joomla interface.

We are continually expanding our catalog of tutorials on the site. We are beginning to build tutorials around some of our most commonly used extensions as well as expanding our Joomla Basics series.

Video-based Tutorials

As we build new video tutorials of our extensive catalog of text-based tutorials, clients will be able to view this tutorials and see step by step how a task is done based on our text-based tutorials. Many clients learn best when shown how a task works.

We are currently building video tutorials for our Joomla Basics series of text-based tutorials. We will be expanding our video-based tutorial catalog to our extension specific tutorials as we finish our Joomla Basics Series.

Want a Video-based tutorial for a certain extension? We can build that for you! Contact us today about your needs.

One-on-One and Group Training

What's better than being able to learn Joomla straight from the folks that built or is maintaining your website? Nothing! 

At Times Two Technology, we give each client a number of training hours as part of each website design project. These hours can be used for one-one-one training via Skype, or in person if they are in the Chicagoland area. We can work directly with 1 user or several users in remote or in-person sessions. 

If a client needs more training after a site is launched, we offer training hours by the hour or in 5, 10, or 15 hour packages at a discount.

Customized Training

Many times generic training courses might not be enough for a specific website. In those cases, we offer our services to develop specific training materials and training courses for a specific website. Times Two Technology will deliver the documentation based on a specific website and can design and deliver specific one-on-one or group training based on this documentation. We can also do a "Train the Trainer" session with a client's IT staff to prepare them to teach other users in their company instead of Times Two running the training.

If you would like a quote on development of a training package for your website, please contact us for a quote.


Some clients would like to learn how to use Joomla on their own for many reasons. At Times Two Technology, we can accommodate that type of learning through our Mentoring program. Let us provide a "safety net" for you while you learn Joomla.

How does it work?

  • Clients purchase a training package (available by the hour or in 5,10, or 15+ hour discounted packages)
  • Clients have access to our text-based and video-based tutorials in our client portal
  • Clients have access to our support system to ask questions
  • Clients can request a one-on-one session with one of our Joomla experts to help them with a specific task (remote via Skype or In-person)

Who should use this method?

  • Any client who feels they are technically savvy or likes to learn on their own with targeted guidance. 
  • Clients who have chosen our DIY Design Package would benefit greatly by adding our Mentoring option in their package.
  • Other clients who would like to save some money by learning on their own while having a "safety net" of our Joomla experts.

Training Costs

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Learn Joomla through

  • Text-based Tutorials
  • Video-based Tutorials
  • One-on-One / Group Training
  • Direct Mentoring

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